Trust in Him

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

2020 is on a roll. Vicki is back home and my life once again has the order that I need. She had a few bumps getting home, but I was so happy to see her slip into the car at the airport. I don’t know what her plans are for the next little bit, but my focus is going to be on having her home for now!

As we begin 2020 there have been some things take place around the world that causes concern. The attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iran has caused a great deal of issues that seem to be escalating. Now with the death of an Iranian military leader it seems to be growing all the more.

Many troops have now been deployed into the area as tensions continue to rise. This is causing concern around the world. People are wondering what the next step will be in the conflict that has arisen. The struggles in Iran are simply signs of issues that are facing our world at this time.

Maybe it’s just me, but fear seems to be grabbing at the hearts of many people at this time. If I were to say that I am not concerned by the prospect of war it would be less than the truth. With threats that are being made by some fear has come to the forefront. It would seem that fear is the dominating emotion in our lives as we are confronted with the threats of retaliation.

Proverbs 29:25 says, "The fear of man brings a snare, But he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted." It seems to me that fear traps us and keeps us from being what we should be in our lives. We have all heard about phobias that people have in their lives. Some phobia's trap people in their homes, keep them from enjoying nature, won't allow them to have relationships, and many other things. Phobia's become a snare that eventually steals the joy from life in certain areas.

I recognize that dangers surround us all the time, but we must not allow danger to dictate what we will do in our lives. To rise above the fears in our lives, we must trust in the Lord. As we trust (rest) in the Lord, we will find that those things which once brought fear are now those things which lift us up.

As we overcome fear, we will find that freedom replaces it and we are able to accomplish what God wants us to do. Fear cripples our ability to do the work that God calls us to do, while trust in the Lord frees us to accomplish His work.

Trust in the Lord comes as we recognize that He loves us and desires the very best for us. God sent His Son into the world that the world through Him might be saved. It is in that divine love that we can rest and trust in our lives. It is that divine love which does away with fear in our lives.

1 John 4:18 says, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love." God's perfect love does away with the fear this life can bring, lifting us above the fear to His sweet rest.

I’m concerned with the troop deployment. Yet I chose not to fear, but trust in the Lord. I love what David wrote in Psalm 20:6-7 - "Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven, with the saving strength of His right hand. Some boast (trust) in chariots, and some in horses; But we will boast (trust) in the name of the Lord, our God."

Now before you can really trust the Lord in the big matters, you must begin to trust Him in the small things. I would urge you today to search your heart and trust God in every area of your life. Remember the last half of Proverbs 29:25? It says – “…But he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.” God will lift us up above the things of this world as we trust in Him. As Christians, it’s about time we did just that – Trust in Him.

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, there IS something about that name!!

Christ only, always,

Bro. Paul